So What Makes us So Different?

It’s a fair question and one we get asked quite a bit because on the face of it, all estate agents are much the same aren’t they?

Well in some ways yes. Afterall, we all advertise on portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla and send details out to potential buyers. The thing is, with a Traditional High Street Agent (and we have nothing against them, many do a great job by the way) that’s kind of where they run out of ideas. Once a property has been put on to the market the only thing an agent can do is sit back and wait for the right buyer to come along.

And that’s where we are completely different.

You see we cannot rest. Because we don’t wait for buyers to simply walk into our office we have to get out to them.

One way we do this is to maximise the Property Investor Market. We have hundreds of investors on our books looking to buy anything from one property a year to dozens. And the great thing is, they don’t mind where they buy so long as the numbers stack up. Now a lot of these investors probably haven’t registered with local agents across the land so they rely on people like us to let them know when something suitable comes up.

We regularly attend conferences and property events to meet new investors to add to our database which is always growing.

We also believe in keen pricing to tempt buyers to view and offer – afterall, it’s better to have three offers to work on than none! Call us and we’ll explain exactly why this works.

So you see, at GetAnOffer we do things just a bit differently and hundreds of sellers have discovered that we can produce sales where others can’t. Why not join them and give us a try – it’s still ne sale/no fee so what have you got to lose?

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