We’ve innovated to get the property market un-stuck

16 April, 2020


We’ve innovated to get the property market un-stuck

Like every company and every person worldwide, GetAnOffer has quite frankly been knocked sideways by the Corona outbreak and the effects of social distancing. Once it was clear that steps we had taken in the office to protect colleagues and clients were no longer enough, the office was closed and like so many, we adapted to the new challenges of working from home.

But as an estate agency used to negotiating quick house sales, things were made more difficult still, when viewings and mortgage valuations stopped and the entire UK property market was put ‘on hold’ – at the time of writing this we have no idea how long this may last.

And yet, perhaps surprisingly for some, people still want to sell property. And other people still want to buy. Yes, these are very unique and challenging times and yet for those who for example have an empty inherited home or a property that is just too large for them to manage, the need to sell is still as urgent – perhaps more urgent – than ever.  

The same applies to buyers. These are uncertain times but we can be sure of one thing. That at some point, this will pass and life will return to normal. Buyers that remember this are still looking to find themselves a home, making good use of ultra-low interest rates. Investor buyers know that the time to look for property is when some other aren’t and one day hope to rent investments to get 8% yields versus 1% in a bank.

So we have sellers who wish to sell.

Buyers who wish to buy.