10 Spring Cleaning Tips To Help Sell Your House

17 May, 2021


There are not many people who genuinely enjoy housework. Having said that, a real good incentive to get cleaning is the fact that if you are planning to sell your house, giving it a through clean beforehand can actually add value to your property. Here are our 10 spring cleaning tips to help sell your house.

1. Clean and de-clutter everywhere

The months slip by and whilst most of us keep on top of the housework, we do not often give our homes a really thorough deep clean. Top of the list if you are planning to sell your home is to give each room a thorough clean. Wash walls, move furniture and clean behind it, clean the paintwork and the windows. Remember that when people are viewing your house, they will be opening cupboards to look inside!

As you are cleaning every room in turn,  it is the perfect opportunity to really sort out all the clutter and to donate it to your local charity shop or recycle it. Buy under bed boxes as storage solutions and make sure that family members are putting clothes, shoes and all their other belongings away tidily. Rooms look much larger and more attractive when they are clean and tidy.

2. Apply a coat of fresh paint

Look at the outside of your house from across the road, does it have ‘pavement appeal’? Does your house look fresh and well cared for or tired and in need of TLC? If the front door and garage door need a makeover, paint them and the same applies to window sills and frames.

Inside, touch up any places where the paint has been marked, worn away or has flaked. If you have painted any walls in a bold colour or design, it is best to cover these with a fresh coat of paint in a neutral tone – dove grey is particularly popular this year.

3. Give your bathroom and kitchen a makeover

These two rooms will definitely benefit from a really good clean. First of all de-clutter both rooms as this will make them look larger. Scrub all work surfaces and counters and clean all the grouting between the tiles with an old toothbrush dipped in bleach. Give the basins, bath and shower a really good clean too. In the kitchen clean the inside of all cupboards and the inside of the oven.  Add indoor plants to make both rooms look good.

4. Thoroughly clean all carpets and floors

New house owners definitely expect floors to look in good condition so whether you have carpets or floor boards, it is best to bring in a professional cleaning team to make them look as good as new again.

5. Tackle all the DIY jobs

Every house has little jobs that should have been fixed such as door handles and catches, or a light in the attic that needs a new bulb. These all need to be put in order as they will be noticed by potential buyers. They may not be huge jobs, but buyers are usually looking for somewhere that they can move into easily. If you do all the DIY jobs, it also tells prospective buyers that the property has been well cared for.

6. Create a home office

If you have been working from home over the past year, make your home office space look attractive as many buyers are looking for an ideal home office space. Even if you have been tucked under the stairs, make the space look good with a desk, adequate lighting and smart looking indoor plant.

7. Tidy up the loft

Another source of junk is the loft. Give your loft a really good tidy up so that it all looks organised. Do you have good loft insulation? If you do not, this is a really good yet relatively inexpensive investment. The minimum thickness is 270 mm and the insulation can be bought in huge rolls that can be easily fitted.

8. Sort out the garage

The garage is the other place that can usually do with a good clear out! Sort through all your junk and make sure everything is placed tidily. Try and clear as much floor space as possible as prospective buyers want to see that it is easy to jump in and out of the car.

If you have a garden shed, give this a really good spring clean as these are proving really popular as they can be converted into ‘man caves’ and ‘she huts’ - especially as many people will continue to work from home for many months to come.

9. Get your garden looking good

Since the start of lockdown, great value has been placed on outside spaces and this is something that prospective house buyers have high on their list of priorities. Get all the bushes and hedges in your garden nicely trimmed and dig all the flowerbeds and clear them of weeds. If you have an empty flowerbed, convert it into a veggie patch to add appeal. If you have a patio it is a good idea to put a garden table and chairs there to look inviting.

In the front garden, add some instant colour to boost your ‘pavement appeal’ . Colourful annuals can be cheaply bought in garden centres. A colourful hanging basket looks good too. If your wheelie bins look unsightly, hide or disguise them!

10. Make your house smell attractive

Smell is a much under-rated sense and one that can be used to great effect. Make sure your home gets plenty of fresh air with a daily airing and invest in some air fresheners with the same fragrance to dot around your home. When a viewing is booked, a really good hack is to pop a loaf of bread in the oven to gently warm. The smell is irresistible and will help you secure a good price for your house.

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