Why You Need a Surveyor When Buying a House

22 February, 2019

Buying a house is the biggest purchase that most of us are likely to make in our lifetimes, so youíll want to make sure there are no hidden problem areas before you commit to the purchase.

Having a property surveyor examine the condition and structure of the house you plan to buy is essential to avoid disappointment, especially if the property is an old one. 

Not only will a property survey highlight major damaged areas before itís too late to pull out of the purchase, itíll save you a lot of money in the long run.

This article will highlight the main reasons you should get a property survey when buying a house.

1. Negotiate on the house price

When your offer has been accepted on the house, you should get a property survey to check the house for hidden defects and damage. If the survey results show there are problems with the house, you could use this to your advantage. Make note of the problems and work out how much it would cost you to repair these.

Make this clear to the seller after having done your research, and they may be open to negotiate the price of the house to make up for you having to fix these problems.

2. Save you money in the long run

Itís important to hire a property surveyor when buying a house not only to highlight areas of concern in the property, but itíll help to save you money long-term. If you donít have a survey and notice these hidden problems once youíve moved in, you will have to fork out yourself and pay to repair these problems.

If you find out these issues early, you can still back out of the purchase if the damage is major, or negotiate lowering the property price with the seller is another option you can use to save money.

3. Help with future building plans

If you let the surveyor know of any building or extension plans for the future, they can make note of that and tell you if itís possible or not. This could save a lot of disappointment if you found out your plan for a conservatory couldn't be possible once youíve moved in to the house.

A property survey will highlight any issues you could face if you plan to have an extension or renovation work carried out once you move in.

4. Peace of mind

Having a property surveyor examine the house you plan to buy will give you the peace of mind that you need before you commit to spending thousands of pounds on it. If the survey returns bad results, you know you can try to negotiate a new price with the seller and if the survey delivers good results, you can relax.

Itís worth spending the money on a property survey as it could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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